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These days, it’s not uncommon for companies to hire people based on WHO they are and HOW they think and interact instead of WHAT they know and can do.

This makes soft skills one of the most important assets in a lawyer’s professional baggage, just as important as a law degree. To help you sharpen them, we prepared a free guide ‘Top 11 Games and Exercises to Boost Lawyers’ Soft Skills’ that will give you:

  • Proven tactics to hone the ways you interact with your colleagues both within legal and business units, and methods to understand each of them better
  • Exercises that will help establish a healthy and collaborative team atmosphere
  • A selection of the most fun and emotionally rewarding ways possible to sculpt your professional persona


The list of the soft skills essential for any lawyer who wants to have a successful career

A game or exercise best suited to polish each of these soft skills, including solo and team tasks

A cheat sheet of activities that your colleagues will actually enjoy during a team building event

Play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. Become a better lawyer.