Download our free AXDRAFT+ContractWorks Onboarding Guide

While screening software, sometimes we opt for the worse option when the solution we REALLY need turns out too complex to implement and onboard. As a result, we’re stuck with a tool that only gets the job partially done instead of completely addressing all our needs.

That’s why we made sure our users experience the fastest time-to-value in the contract management market when integrating AXDRAFT and ContractWorks. You’ll be able to:

  • Gain a bird’s-eye view of what’s needed to get our systems up and running in 14 days
  • Understand how the onboarding process is organized based on the features you choose
  • Comprehend how much time and effort you need to invest into the onboarding process (spoiler alert! not much 😊)


List of core functions that provide end-to-end coverage for the entire contract lifecycle

Principal phases you’ll go through when onboarding our software (and the time it takes to complete them)

Detailed overview of what goes into each phase, and how we ensure you’ll enjoy the fastest time-to-value

Tips on how to increase adoption of AXDRAFT+ContractWorks across other teams within your company

Simple, smart, and scalable contract management rolled out in 14 days