Get free guide 'Bypassing Legal The Secure Way: A Guide to Fighting Bureaucracy'

Did you know that 65% of business teams have a habit of willingly bypassing Legal?

This exposes companies to compliance and contractual risks, can impact profitability and damage the reputation. Yet no magic formula can force other company units to change their ways.

To effectively deal with the status quo, we prepared the guide that helps Legal and business units orchestrate the bypassic process the secure way. It will empower you to:

  • Keep legal in control of contractual and other legal processes without them getting directly involved
  • Identify the most common roadblocks that cause other teams to avoid Legal, and address them
  • Delegate legal tasks to other teams without imposing any risks.
Bypassing Legal The Secure Way: A Guide to Fighting Bureaucracy


A list of 5 main reasons for other teams sidestepping Legal that bases on the findings from Onit’s Enterprise Legal Reputation report.

Actionable steps to organize the ‘controlled bypassing’ process, which you can easily replicate inside your company to minimize bureaucracy.

Tips for improving the corporate culture and embracing the forward-looking mindset, followed by a Bonus Checklist that includes all action steps presented in this guide.

Turn Legal from the 'No Police' to a dedicated business partner