AXDRAFT Received a SOC 2 Type 2 Certificate!

If you are working with a good legal technology provider that specializes in document automation software or contract management, they must have mentioned to you a time or ten about being SOC 2 Type 2 certified. In fact, do you remember how 6 months ago we got our SOC 2 Type 1 certificate and it … Continued

Introducing AXDRAFT QuickDocs: A New Self-Service Document Automation Engine

Customer service is not always the strongest part of legal operations. Especially when there’s an agreement to be signed. 30 minutes spent on contract processing, signing, and delivery can turn into hours thanks to human-caused bottlenecks caused by minor change reviews. And while this may negatively affect the mood of your client, there is a … Continued

New Year’s Resolution from AXDRAFT

We will hardly be exaggerating if we say 2020 did everything to kick us all in the gut. And yet, despite all the bottlenecks we’ve faced, it was a very eventful year and we’re stepping into 2021 on a very happy note (take that, COVID-19!). While our team was forced to work remotely, we still … Continued

AXDRAFT Has Been Acquired By Onit Company

Since AXDRAFT was first launched in 2017, there have been several milestones we’re exceptionally proud of. The first one is us getting into YCombinator, the world’s best startup accelerator program in December 2018, and the second one raising $1.2M investments from the Silicon Valley VCs in April 2019. Today, we’re happy to announce that AXDRAFT has successfully reached … Continued

AXDRAFT is now SOC-2 Certified!

Information is one of the most valuable business assets. All of your company’s success, performance, partnerships, and plans are encoded in 0 and 1 digits and stored across multiple services. As much as this is convenient, it brings about a new level of security risks. As a contract management software vendor, we understand the importance of data … Continued

GPT-3 in Legal Tech: Insights from the OpenAI Hackathon

Earlier this September, AXDRAFT held an OpenAI API hackathon to test pilot machine learning technology in the realm of legal tech. It was an awe-inspiring experience that revealed the power of tech advancement and brought us one step closer to the sci-fi-ish landscape (let’s just hope it won’t be dystopian). Moreover, it unearthed an immense … Continued