The Anatomy of a Great Document Creation Software

What is greatness? You’ve most likely seen a drawing of a four-armed, four-legged man in a circle created by the great Italian artist and inventor. Leonardo Da Vinci made this Vitruvian Man to show the ideal proportions of a body. Today, this is the standard of a perfectly developed human being. Does a balanced physique … Continued

3 Rock-Solid Reasons Legal Document Automation is NOT Here to Take Your Job

Witnessing the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the past decades has been exciting, and will continue to be so in the years to come. But seeing computers evolve also brings a bit of fear even to some of the brightest minds across the industries.  All their fears are ultimately voiced into a single question: … Continued

How Document Automation Solutions Help With 6 Laws of Time Management

We live in a world full of laws, and not all of them are related to people. Nature, math, technology—everything follows certain regulations and rules.  Knowing these laws helps people better understand the world around them, navigate it, and succeed in it. But first, you need to find time for it. There are tasks that … Continued

6 Extraordinary Ways to Use Legal Document Automation Software

For every wheel that’s been invented, there will be people that want to use it in a bizarre way that hasn’t been predicted by the inventor. Like using toothpaste and a toothbrush to polish the brim of your sneakers. Who cares as long as it works, right? In almost every office there’s always a genius … Continued

14 Contract Management Processes That Are Shameful in 2021

Habits are very powerful. It takes 21 days to form one, and a lifetime to get rid of it. Habits can help us maintain strong mental health, lead us towards becoming successful lawyers, and live a healthy, happy life. Or else, they can make you really miserable without you even realizing it. There are still … Continued

Why Do Businesses Need Document Automation for Sales Teams?

Sales teams are a vital part of almost every business. They don’t only bring revenue to the company, but contribute to overall business growth, act as point-of-contact and establish long-term relationships with customers. Some sales reps even have to act as lawyers—prepare documents and invoices, negotiate on contract terms, and take part in contract management. … Continued

How QuickDocs Empowers Business Teams to Work With Documents Like Real Lawyers

Lawyers often fear that legal technology is here to take their jobs. That at the end of the day, all legal work will be automated, and there will be nothing left for them to do.  While this fear is perfectly reasoned (after all, we all want to feel acknowledged for our contribution), what many fail … Continued

6 Iconic Legal Contracts in Movies

Legal contracts play a big role in our lives. Renting a car, buying a house, signing up for a job—every process goes hand-in-hand with putting an autograph on a piece of paper. In the business world, legal contracts govern 80% of all operations, where each contract is subject to a thorough legal review before being … Continued

Contract Lifecycle Management: Trends, Numbers, and More

Contract Lifecycle Management is a process of managing, analyzing and executing contract creation. Adopting CLM practices became a trend in 2018, which continues to grow even more in this post-pandemic world. Increasing investments into contract management lay the foundation for business growth and drive many businesses across different sectors to start using it in their … Continued

10 Quality Assurance Tips for Your Contracts in 2021

Your contracts are the language of your business, so don’t be surprised if your professionalism is evaluated on them in the first place. So – they need to be perfect. In this blog post, we have prepared ten tips to keep your contract quality at a high level. Keep reading to learn more about efficient … Continued