Data Processing Agreement 101: What is DPA?

2018 hit us with some shocking news. It started in February with a curious finding by Kromtech Security that the personal information of 199,000 FedEx clients was stored on a non-secure AWS server. Then, a subsidiary of Expedia, Orbitz, mentioned in March that a hacker used a legacy website to collect personal information, including credit … Continued

Statement of Work 101: How to Draft a Detailed SoW for Your Project

When you need to outline the terms, work requirements, timelines, contractors, and expectations of a project, it’s time to draft a Statement of Work (SoW). This is a document that helps define the agreements, responsibilities, and liabilities between the signing parties. The Statement of Work is usually signed between a client and a service provider. … Continued

Master Service Agreement 101: what is an MSA and why you need one

A Master Service Agreement (MSA) is a contract between two parties that have an ongoing project or business relationship that offers a flexible system for completing a project over time, accounting for the decisions that will be made along the way. It is one of the most typical contractual agreements, when one company needs to … Continued

NDA 101: What Is an NDA and How Do You Build Secured Non-Disclosure Agreements?

Protecting your data Keeping the company secrets buried deep under the ground seems effective, but what must we do if sharing them is required to make those secrets profitable? Keeping trade secrets and confidential information in order to have a competitive advantage is crucial for many companies. However, at some point even your most precious … Continued