How QuickDocs Empowers Business Teams to Work With Documents Like Real Lawyers

Lawyers often fear that legal technology is here to take their jobs. That at the end of the day, all legal work will be automated, and there will be nothing left for them to do.  While this fear is perfectly reasoned (after all, we all want to feel acknowledged for our contribution), what many fail … Continued

How Much Can You Save With Document Workflow Automation?

For lawyers, there’s never enough time. Even with all the extra hours you dedicate to work, there seems to be no end to the important tasks, each of those calling for your undivided attention. Sometimes it seems like the world is trying to stretch you in as many directions as possible just to see how … Continued

Digitalization in the legal department—between new KPIs and conservative ‘why’ counterarguments

This blog post was written by Vitaliy Nevinchanyi, Head of Legal at Arricano, a Ukrainian real estate company. Here’s the original article.  Change always creates opposition even in the most innovative and tech-savvy companies. “Wishing to live in the era of change” sounds more like a threat than a wish. It also creates various discussions … Continued

7 Reasons Why Any Business Needs Document Automation Software

Every year technology and automation processes integrate in our lives. Self-driving cars, self-delivering mail, doors with app access. The list of things that became automated keeps expanding every day. And while on the consumer side we use technology to make our lives more comfortable, businesses need to reevaluate their attitude to technology adoption. In the … Continued

Metadata inside AXDRAFT: Fueling Document Automation Search and Analytics Engine

Data is the most valuable asset in the modern world. More so, it is the core building block in any object and structure, animate or not, physical or abstract. The entire world and all of its components can be described in 0 and 1 digits only (although this plain version of the world is a … Continued

Improve Customer Experience with AXDRAFT’s Customer-Facing Interviews

In the 21st century, revenue is no longer the ultimate metric for business success. Instead, it’s relationships and trust that define how well your company is performing. After all, if your customers or partners are not returning, your long-term revenue is the first thing to suffer. This brings customer experience into the spotlight as one … Continued

Avoid Pushbacks in Approval with AXDRAFT’s Contract Workflow Automation

Don’t you just “love” it when you email your colleague a document with redlines and it just sits there in their inbox for days, lost in the pile of promotional and junk mail? And only after a few hundred reminder emails, when the deadline is approaching do they notice something is off, so both of … Continued

Contract Collaboration: Making Legal and Business Teams Work as a Single Unit

It’s no secret that legal operations do not imply working solo. It’s all about collaboration. More so, the effectiveness of legal operations depends on the synergy at every level—from document drafting, negotiation, and approval—to signing. Any disruption or delay can inevitably translate into the decline in customer experience, missed opportunities, and financial losses. Multiply these … Continued

How to Keep Your Contract Data Organized With AXDRAFT Projects

Remember those times when all your documents were neatly stored under C:\Users\username\Documents, and that’s where you could always find them? Document management was far more straightforward back then. Simply because we had fewer options, which led to fewer roadblocks. Today, with various databases, shared and private folders, hundreds of emails, multiple cloud storage systems, and … Continued

How to delegate contract management to non-legal teams with AXDRAFT

We live in the world of data-driven decisions, oceans of information to tap into, and a constant sense of lag. This lag can touch upon multiple things, from the impossibility to make it to the event you were looking forward to, to falling behind with your work and lacking time to dedicate to some of … Continued