How to choose the best CRM software for your law firm

Handling large volumes of spreadsheets and paper documentation has its own limits. While law firms tend to stick to the old ways, managing even larger amounts of data on paper becomes cumbersome during the growth stage. In fact, having an extra piece of data to keep on paper is so unwanted, that 26% of law firms … Continued

Software for Law Firms to Help Kickstart 2021

Last year has brought so many drastic changes into our everyday lives that it will be talked about as a cornerstone. Right until the Asteroid hits Earth again. In 2020, almost every single sector had to change their ways of operating, in order to simply keep working. Every one of us had two choices—to accept … Continued

Legal Project Management 101 for the Law Firms

Project management has been an essential tool of the corporate industry for a long time. It is also a must-have for any law firm that strives to win the competition. As client expectations grow, in-house counsels are pushed to develop business intelligence and grip to provide legal services more predictably and consistently. What Is Legal … Continued

The Ultimate Checklist on Document Management Software for Law Firms

Regardless of your business targets, it is well past time to go paperless by adopting legal software document management. Today, law firms manage a variety of content – paper documents, spreadsheets, digital files, scanned cases, or images. Most corporations store their documentation on multiple sources, including public and private networks, shared drives, hard drives, filing cabinets, and … Continued

How to Make Your Lawyer Stop Complaining and Embrace Technology

The legal field is not immune to the technological trends nearly all industries have had to face. Luckily, embracing technology is easier than ever in 2020. The legal tech industry has all sorts of productivity solutions ready for law firms to adopt. The problem is that lawyers are often reluctant to change and resist adopting new … Continued