120 Document Automation Terms Every Digital Lawyer Should Know

Law firms and in-house legal professionals manage a voluminous amount of documents—contracts, spreadsheets, scanned cases, digital files, and even images. Handling all of them manually can be a time-consuming challenge.  To make things easier, many companies use legal document automation software designed to not only store and organize files but, most importantly, save time by … Continued

4 Visual Management Boards for Your Legal Projects

Before hitting the road you will most likely want to get a map and plan your route. In business, if your goal is to achieve success, you’ll need a map as well. In legal, planning is an essential part of innovative workflows. A lawyer without a plan can only react. A lawyer with a plan … Continued

How Document Automation Solutions Help With 6 Laws of Time Management

We live in a world full of laws, and not all of them are related to people. Nature, math, technology—everything follows certain regulations and rules.  Knowing these laws helps people better understand the world around them, navigate it, and succeed in it. But first, you need to find time for it. There are tasks that … Continued

6 Extraordinary Ways to Use Legal Document Automation Software

For every wheel that’s been invented, there will be people that want to use it in a bizarre way that hasn’t been predicted by the inventor. Like using toothpaste and a toothbrush to polish the brim of your sneakers. Who cares as long as it works, right? In almost every office there’s always a genius … Continued

What is eSign and How to Do an Electronic Signature?

The history of contracts dates back to the first Mesopotamian settlements around 10,000 BC. Some historians even believe that writing itself was created solely for the purpose of having a solid purchase agreement on a piece of clay.  As years passed, paper replaced clay for drafting a document, and so it was until the early … Continued

How Much Can You Save With Document Workflow Automation?

For lawyers, there’s never enough time. Even with all the extra hours you dedicate to work, there seems to be no end to the important tasks, each of those calling for your undivided attention. Sometimes it seems like the world is trying to stretch you in as many directions as possible just to see how … Continued

The Role of AI in Legal Operations in 2021

Today corporate legal departments are getting more and more used to the presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their operations. For lawyers this means that their work is not just about decision-making, drafting contracts and representing companies in court anymore. Today, a legal officer, like a member of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, has to operate … Continued

6 Ways How Self Service Document Automation Will Transform Your Legal Practice

As we evolve, our areas of responsibility grow. As the business expands, it has more areas of operations to take care of: building relationships, hiring employees, and onboarding clients. Every process, every step includes a contract that needs to be drafted, signed, and processed. Luckily, we don’t have to stack loads of paper in our … Continued

10 Quality Assurance Tips for Your Contracts in 2021

Your contracts are the language of your business, so don’t be surprised if your professionalism is evaluated on them in the first place. So – they need to be perfect. In this blog post, we have prepared ten tips to keep your contract quality at a high level. Keep reading to learn more about efficient … Continued

6 KPIs To Evaluate Your Contract Automation Software Performance

Lawyers are known to be very old-fashioned and conventional. They can follow old school work patterns for ages, even if they stop functioning properly. That is why, once they do take a step further and actually embrace contract automation, they are more likely to stick to it, even if it no longer satisfies their needs … Continued