Download our free guide 'Unraveling the Subtleties of CLM Pricing'

Most CLM software vendors choose to hide their pricing behind the ‘Book a demo and get a custom quote’.

This loops you in the everlasting sales cycle, extends the software screening process, and wastes your time.

To provide a shortcut to making the final decision, we prepared a comprehensive guide that takes you through the nitty-gritty of CLM pricing and empowers you to:

  • Discover the factors shaping price and where to get information on how much vendors charge
  • Ask the right questions to get proper quotations
  • Avoid the the common pitfalls when purchasing a CLM system.


A complete list of software components and aspects that usually increase the price tag, and the list of hidden charges 

A CLM price matrix along with the ways to calculate software ROI, and the reasons why vendors are increasingly privy to sharing software prices

Hands-on tips on how to put together an RFP for CLM software and a free RFP template

A bonus checklist of essential questions to ask CLM vendors to check if their software is worth the investment

Take pricing concerns off the agenda when choosing the new CLM software