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In 2023, choosing a new CLM system resembles hiring a new person in many ways: you have to evaluate their capabilities, screen how well they can support the business, and make sure they can act as a partner. Make a wrong choice, and you might end up with ‘shelfware’ instead of software.

To help you orchestrate software screening process and choose the software that scales with you, we prepared this CLM Sofware Evaluation Checklist, which empowers you to:

  • Better understand your own needs and workflows to lay out your expectations from the CLM platform
  • Unlock software-imposed ways to gain full control over contracting 
  • Pick the software that best fits into the ‘people-process-technology’ framework and supports business growth.

Who's it for?

Contract managers

CLOs/Head of Legal


Legal ops managers

What's Inside

A list of software functions that outline end-to-end contract management possibilities, as well as address specific contracting needs

Process requirements that help you select the software that will adjust and amplify your existing workflows instead of causing you to restructure them

The less obvious service requirements that shape your experience with the vendor and determine how quick and easy the onboarding and your future partnership will be

More about this checklist

Onit’s 2023 Enterprise Legal Reputation report suggests that only 1 in 5 colleagues view Legal as a modern entity. While the value of legal work in the current economic climate has grown exponentially, the tech advancement of the department still has plenty of room for improvement. 

Since contracting is among the main Legal responsibilities, these days laywers need tech support more than ever to facilitate business growth and cement their material impact onto the bottom line.

Our checklist lays the foundation for you to evaluate any software and its possibilities, to make a well-weighted decision without risking to get locked into an unfavorable contract.

Frequently asked questions

It helps you gain full control of your contracts. It can also reduce drafting time by up to 100%, decrease approvals from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 days, enable analytics for better decisions, speed up sales cycles by 5x, and increase revenue.
That really depends on your contracting maturity, volume, and workflows. While some people looking for end-to-end automation of contracting ops may find it helpful when the software has all the features on the list, others can just stick to the processes they need automated -- as long as your business needs are met, and you have room for scaling.
Absolutely! All you need to do is provide your email so we can send it to you.
There are many possible consequences: You might overpay for features you don't use, hidden fees may appear, or your existing workflows could need adjustment to fit the software. Additionally, there may be poor security or bad customer experiences.

Choose software, not shelfware. Download our CLM Evaluation Checklist to make the right call!