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Your business is unique, which means it needs a solution that meets your specific business needs. If you choose the wrong CLM software, you might be forced to restructure your processes to accommodate the new CLM. In the worst-case scenario, you may end up not even using the system you spent money on.

To give you a hand, we prepared this checklist of CLM capabilities to make the process easier and help you avoid any issues after implementation, such as missing features or difficult functions. You’ll discover:

  • Ways to gain full control over contracting and increase revenue
  • Necessary features that will help you close deals 5x faster
  • Requirements for providing a seamless customer experience

Who's it for?

Sales managers


Directors of Sales

Legal ops

What's Inside

A list of functions that will allow you to transform chaotic negotiations into organized processes where you can have a stronger position and seal the deal in days instead of weeks.

Features that will help you draft contracts in seconds instead of hours with no mistakes, no risks, and no waiting for a lawyer’s review.

Security requirements like TLS 1.2+ encryption, SOC-2 Type 2 certification, and others that prove your sensitive data is protected.

More about this checklist

For many businesses, contracting is still an issue plagued by drafting from scratch, manual errors, redlining, slow approvals, and other inefficiencies. CLM systems help companies streamline workflows, improve performance, and reduce operational costs.

Knowing the capabilities of a contract lifecycle management platform will help you choose the best option for your needs.

This checklist covers all possible questions such as basic functions, considerations when interacting with your provider, and how to filter software according to the features you need.

Frequently asked questions

It helps you gain full control of your contracts. It can also reduce drafting time by up to 100%, decrease approvals from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 days, enable analytics for better decisions, speed up sales cycles by 5x, and increase revenue.
Your CLM should possess the features that best fit your business needs. The ideal CLM is one where you can choose the features you need now and scale later.
Then you may need to change the provider if the solution no longer covers all your needs. When that occurs, your work efficiency drops. This will ultimately require additional time and effort for the search, implementation, and education of new software.
There are many possible consequences: You might overpay for features you don't use, hidden fees may appear, or your existing workflows could need adjustment to fit the software. Additionally, there may be poor security or bad customer experiences.
Yes! All you need to do is provide your email so we can send it to you.

Everything you need to bring order into contracting chaos is in here. Grab your copy now!