Useful Yet Fun

AXDRAFT is a team of talented people, and we love when our team members can use their talents in their job. Thanks to our artist (and also legal engineer) Mykola, we’re able to publish a special section featuring cool comics. Lawyers’ lives, problems, and possible solutions can be found depicted in our ‘Draft the World’ series, which visually blends reality and our imagination.

Legal Comics

The legal profession is known for its seriousness, but who said it can’t be fun? This section includes:

  • Legal tales (some even have ghosts!)
  • Legal Mortal Kombat
  • Legal chaos (and how to deal with it)
  • Monsters (of legal?)

And much more!

Combining professional topics with fun is the best way to learn when you need to, and also want a small distraction from work. Whenever you feel you’re ready to return to standard content, you can always visit our blog page.