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Contracts form the backbone of any business relationship.

Yet poorly structured contracts do more harm than good, which is why anyone involved in the contract process should understand the different types of contracts and what each one can include. That’s exactly why we prepared this Contracts 101 guide, which will help you:

  • Understand the most common contract types you’re likely to encounter in your online and offline operations: NDAs, DPAs, MSAs, SoWs, and SaaS agreements.
  • Navigate the use cases and scenarios that call for any of these contract types
  • Tailor your contract to cover all the necessary aspects, and avoid common errors and loopholes


The objectives and functions of each of the common contract types (NDA, MSA, DPA, SoW, SaaS agreement).

Standard structures and typical clauses for each of these contracts

Tips on what terms to include in your draft to be sure that your business is legally protected and compliant

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