Download our free COVID-19 Recovery Checklist for Legal Teams

The year 2020 redefined the way we work and live. An urgent transition to a work from home reality forces business to adapt to a new world with new challenges.

Our COVID-19 recovery checklist will give you an action plan for:

  • The smooth transition of your legal team into the post-COVID world.
  • The legal response to the aftershocks of crisis and steps for future risk management.
  • Organizing workplace protocols according to new regulatory requirements and expectations.


A detailed list of actionable and proven steps that will navigate you through the changing workplace landscape with little to no friction

Do-s, don’t-s, and essential things that need to be done in each of the following areas: wokplace protocol, business performance, legal processes, finances, and psychological wellbeing

A plan for helping your legal team define their role in the post-pandemic business environment, and create a more crisis-proof business ecosystem

Help your legal and business teams recover and remain prepared for the unexpected