Get our free checklist for lawyers 'Stop Doing That!'

If we were to gather a list of all the things lawyers are recommended to do to ace their job, this list would go into infinity. Simply going through these tips would take a few lifetimes, let alone doing them. 

So instead, we prepared a short and sweet do-not-do list, with the habits that will inevitably make your more productive once you knock them off. This list will also help you to: 

  • Identify common time-wasting traps and inefficient habits before they grow on you.
  • Fight procrastination and manage your time efficiently.
  • Say no to the tasks that should never be on your agenda in the first place.


A list of counter-productive organizational habits, and reasons why they stand in the way of your performance.

A detailed table with outdated tasks and processes, followed by the reasons they no longer bring any value, signs they are sneaking into your agenda, and ways to deal with them.

A sample of Eisenhower time management matrix that allows you to set priorities and group your tasks by their impact and urgency.

Identify the essential. Eliminate the tasks that bring little value.