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If there was an award for ‘The Most Sophisticated In-House Team Ever’, legal would have won it by a landslide.

Not only do lawyers deal with a tangle of most complex and risky matters on a daily basis, but legal impact is so pervasive that measuring it properly is a difficult nut to crack. And yet, in our data-driven world, translating legal performance into numbers is vital for ensuring it aligns with the company’s productivity and generated value.

That is why we prepared a cheat sheet with the essential legal department metrics that any legal team could be measuring, which will help you to: 

  • Understand the value the department brings to your company, and report it to the stakeholders.
  • Identify the department’s needs and understand its trends.
  • Determine if you are on target with your benchmarks.


Basic legal spend management metrics you can use as a starting point in your performance measurement

Contract management metrics that show the efficiency of contract worklows, and the amount of workload they require

Workload management metrics that help you determine blockers and pitfalls in your legal operations

Turn data into information, and information into insight with our legal department metrics