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Starting a new position can be overwhelming. Nowadays, heads of legal teams are not only expected to manage teams and legal processes, but they’re also responsible for financial, strategic, and risk management operations (all while facilitating the company‚Äôs growth).

To help you out, we prepared this ebook so that you’ll gain a better understanding of your next steps when taking on legal department management duties. You’ll be able to:

  • Acquire key competencies that enable you to act as a strategic business partner for your company
  • Manage your legal team in a way that nurtures their talent and ensures they deliver
  • Promote greater collaboration with other corporate departments while improving your own operations


Considerations to keep in mind when starting a new position

Essentials of legal project management, analytics, knowledge management, budget planning, and more

Metrics that every legal department should measure to ensure quality work, and tips on choosing the right technology

Head legal teams more effectively and always know what's next