Download our free guide 'How AXDRAFT Ranks Against Other Contract Automation Software'

The legal technology market is full of amazing contract automation software to help lawyers better organize their work.

To add a little extra clarity and make your research a bit easier, we prepared a guide that will help you:

  • Evaluate how AXDRAFT compares to other contract automation software
  • Save time while navigating the CLM market
  • Select the option that best suits your business goals, needs, and budget (even if it’s not ours).


A feature-by-feature comparison table that shows AXDRAFT features alongside those of the competitors

A list of essential things to look for in every CLM solution

A bonus infographic of the vital and not-so-obvious things to consider when choosing contract automation software.

See how AXDRAFT stands against the top industry players. Choose the software that adds most value to your business