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The legal profession is changing fast, and so does the legal technology stack that empowers lawyers to do their job. While legal tech offers multiple undeniable benefits, for some people, innovation causes migraine instead of relief. How do you choose the right software? How do you define what’s right in the first place? Where do you start?

To answer this, and many other questions, we prepared this definitive playbook that will help you to:

  • Navigate the legal tech market to stay on top of the types and specifics of software available
  • Understand the benefits, impact, and challenges of current technology
  • Make a well-reasoned decision when choosing the tools that would be perfect for your needs
  • Establish a tailored roadmap to transition to the chosen software with zero to no friction


An overview of the current 2021 state of legal technology, followed by the reasons why the knowledge of tech comes in the modern lawyer’s code of conduct

A step-by-step roadmap to implementing new technology, from identifying pain points and researching the tools, to bypassing the obstacles and getting the entire team on board

3 main models to determine the order of legal tech implementation, and key metrics to track the performance of your software

Build a structured tech implementation plan your legal team will appreciate with our playbook