Download our free guide 'Impostor Syndrome: What It Is and How to Deal With It'

The legal department is known to create perfectionists and overachievers. While this is good for team productivity, it leads lawyers to a feeling called ‘Impostor syndrome’. If you have ever felt that all your professional success is pure luck, that you don’t deserve to be where you are right now, or even that you are a fraud, you might be more familiar with this syndrome than you think.

To help you deal with impostor feelings and avoid second thoughts on the real value of your work, we prepared a guide that lets you:

  • Understand what an impostor syndrome is, and why it is harmful for your work.
  • Learn how to deal with impostor syndrome by making it work for you
  • Develop effective habits that will help you catch impostor syndrome at early stages and minimize its impact.


A list of celebrities who reported having impostor syndrome, followed by the ways they managed to overcome it.

A checklist of early signals of this condition, and effective habits to help you deal with impostor feelings.

Proven techniques to address impostor syndrome across your team, and the role of legal technology in controlling stress levels.

You are worthy of every bit of appreciation you get for your work. Learn to believe in yourself with our guide.