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Every other TV show portrays corporate lawyers as filthy-rich competitive snobs who always manage to somehow pull the ace out of the sleeve at the last moment to save the company. And don’t even get us started on those suits and stillettos 😅

So when Onit released it’s Enterprise Legal Reputation report, we couldn’t help but wonder, how many of those stereotypes are actually true? That’s why we analyzed the responses of 4,000 employees from commercial organizations across the world, ran them against these cliches, and gathered the results into a short infographic that will help you understand:

  • Which stereotypes are fact, and which are fiction
  • What other departments REALLY think about legal
  • Whether legal needs to do anything about it, or are the odds in their favor 😎
Legal Mythbusters


A list of the 15 most common myths about corporate legal

An evaluation of those myths against the reality, supported by the statistics from business unit employees

Stepping stones for legal to identify opportunities for growth to improve the relationships with colleagues

Are the myths about lawyers fact or fiction? Find out in our infographic!