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In-house legal is expected to act as a protector of the business and trusted advisors on legal-related matters.

But do their colleagues see lawyers this way? Check out our infographic that’s based on Onit’s ELR report revealing what other departments think about Legal and find out:

  • Which reputation Legal REALLY has across other teams
  • How good are lawyers at collaborating with other teams and if colleagues view them as dedicated business partners
  • Which business processes are influenced by legal most, both in positive or negative way.
Effective communication for your legal department
Infographic: The Portrait of Legal


A portrait of legal in numbers, supported by the statistics received from 4,000 business org respondents from the US, the UK, Germany, and France.

A perception paradox and the way it manifests itself in the relationship between legal and commercial units, and the statistical reasons behind this paradox.

A list of proven tactics to improve the collaboration between legal and their colleagues and bridge the disconnect to better achieve strategic company goals.

What do colleagues think of lawyers? Find out in our infographic!