By Lawyers. For Lawyers

AXDRAFT was created by lawyers for lawyers. Our founder Yuriy ran a successful law practice, but despite his love for the legal profession, the endless amount of documents for various clients made it difficult. Paperwork lacked organization, and contract drafting was a real nightmare. Having experienced a lawyer’s pain firsthand, he decided to address their problems.

Adapting to a New Era

To us, lawyers are like family. We know their pain as we’ve dealt with it before. This section includes:

  • Which technology is useful for law firms
  • How to choose software
  • How to make lawyers go digital

Law firms can enjoy many benefits from effective internal and external communication, contract management, and innovation. Our ideas come from our experience and from our clients. We want you to love your job and get the most out of it without having to put up with routine, overtime, and other inconveniences.

What do law firms do?

Law firms provide different types of legal services to their clients. This includes legal consultations, litigation preparation, dispute resolutions, client representation in out-of-court administrative hearings like arbitration, mediation or contractual signings, and dealing with tax, real estate, and antitrust issues

What are some popular services that lawyers use?

Some of the most popular services that lawyers use are online storage, time tracking and billing, legal research tools, e-signatures, client portals, document automation, and contract management software.