Download our free checklist '18 Mental Health Practices for Lawyers (who don't have much time)'

Stress and burnout often go alongside legal profession. We know it firsthand, because our team is 60% lawyers who have dealt with anxiety and legal burnout. We also know how little ‘me time’ you usually get during the day, if any at all, so we prepared a list of self-care steps to address lawyer stress. It only includes easy yet efficient techniques, most of which you can do without leaving your desk. This checklist is for you if you are:

  • Dealing with endless routine and multitasking, and don’t have time even for a 3-piece and a soda.
  • Doing a three-person job and trying to overachieve, but feel like your energy levels are low and you start underperforming.
  • You have withdrawn from social activities, suffer from headaches when thinking of work, and have started dreading work.


A list of physical, psychological, and organizational practices that have been personally tested by AXDRAFT team and proven worthwhile (without any ‘looks nice, but I’ll probably never do it— nonsense)

A detailed description of these techniques that will help you understand them and help form healthy habits, reduce physical and mental tension, and avoid lawyer burnout.

A wrap-up cheat sheet with all these steps you can keep in front of you at all times to actually start doing them, and never forget about the importance of lawyers mental health.

Some say that burnout is nine-tenths of law. We say it doesn't have to be.