6 Ways How Self Service Document Automation Will Transform Your Legal Practice

As we evolve, our areas of responsibility grow. As the business expands, it has more areas of operations to take care of: building relationships, hiring employees, and onboarding clients. Every process, every step includes a contract that needs to be drafted, signed, and processed.

Luckily, we don’t have to stack loads of paper in our cabinets anymore. Document automation for business has already become an inseparable part of lawyers’ lives and helped our businesses go greener. Artificial Intelligence became a great assistant in document drafting and management. Legal automation removed most of the mundane routine work from lawyers’ lives. Now it is time to eliminate it completely.

Many contract management processes are still very disorganized, and this puts substantial workload on the legal department.

However, many contract management processes are still very disorganized, and this puts substantial workload on the legal department. Simple contract requests, data processing agreements, and other document-related tasks overcrowd their emails every day. 

Among these tasks are layers upon layers of NDAs, MSAs, DPAs, sales contracts, and other routine requests that make it  harder to focus on the impactful work of a legal department. Also,the spectre of impactful work is broadening constantly:

  • Driving company profits
  • Increasing collaboration between departments
  • Smarter use of technology
  • Presence and advice at board meetings

You can’t ask yourself what else to automate anymore. The question is–how deep can contract automation integrate into your workflow, and what processes your company needs to adjust in order to embrace new levels of automation.

What is self service document automation?

Self service document automation streamlines your contract workflow with zero effort required from your lawyer, or from any human being for that matter. Such a tool creates a workflow, where only your client and the software do all the work.

It might look like this automation type limits the lawyer’s involvement to important cases. In some cases, it might be true. This is why with QuickDocs we took an extra step and created a workflow that requires zero input from your lawyer.

The process is simple:

  • You provide quality contract templates that you need automated. A DPA, for example.
  • After analysing templates for patterns, you get a self-service DPA document link.
  • Via that link your customers get access to a questionnaire that they need to fill in.
  • After they are finished, and click a ‘?Submit’ button, they get a 100% compliant, signed self-service DPA document.
  • You receive all the data your client has entered, directly into your system.

QuickDocs has a working self service DPA workflow for Slack. This is a good example of how automated your DPA processes can get. A similar contract workflow can be established for other contract types, as long as there are enough patterns to analyze.

Now that you know how self service solutions work, and have seen an example from QuickDocs, let’s discuss the benefits that you get from employing self service contracts.

Save your team’s time

To make room for growth, you need to take care of two things:

  • Refrain from processes that stall your growth
  • Optimize the processes you can’t refrain from

We can’t tell you what to cut off. But we can definitely help with optimizing what you can’t cut off.

Self service NDA document automation can free up a full business week of your lawyer’s time at just a fraction of what your lawyer makes.

Self service document management software lets you start spending 0 minutes on simple contracts. 

If we talk about time management, such automation can free up a full business week of your lawyer’s time on a monthly basis. A full week of time that they can dedicate to work that boosts the growth of your business.

With simple contracts fully automated, your legal department can:

  • Focus on more complex contracts that really require their full knowledge base
  • Advise your board of directors on the direction of the company’s growth
  • Ensure the compliance of a company’s operations
  • Process requests from clients you would not normally work with, due to a lack of resources
  • Take part in strategic planning
  • Enjoy proper lunch meals
  • Have time for proper preparations to represent the company in courts or at other hearings.

Reorganize the workload of your legal department, make room for growth by optimizing the processes you can’t refrain from.

Ensure your contract templates are up-to-date

How many times did you get into a situation where your client gets a contract template that you changed a week ago? This does not only make you work a couple extra hours to update another client with a new contract template, approve it, and sign it. It creates a bottleneck that neither you, nor your client will enjoy.

Self service contracts relieve you from that pain. Every time your client gets to a public-facing template, they know that the NDA, DPA, SOC-2 report request, or any other contract form they fill out will get them a signed agreement that is compliant that day.

Quickly make all the necessary changes to the template. No more disorganization, no more chaos, no more unnecessary work. All your clients are now signing agreements that are up-to-date.

Automatically gather the right data

Forget about manual data gathering and processing. Forget about copy pasting your client’s information from a Non-Disclosure Agreement into your database.

The beauty of self service contract automation is that it creates a completely automated workflow, providing the necessary information becomes your client’s job. QuickDocs processes it and puts it directly into your system for easy access.

We create a questionnaire with all the questions that you need your client to answer. This process leaves no room for human error: typos, missed last names, unprocessed contracts, or empty fields left by clients.

Manage risks and avoid errors

A self service document automation engine is a good assistant for your risk management strategy. Here are the risks it helps you mitigate:

  • Contract language
  • Human error
  • Legal compliance
  • Bottlenecks
  • Lost contracts
  • Missed deadlines

You’ll know when there’s a deadline coming up on SOC-2 report requests, or when there’s a Non-Disclosure Agreement that expires.

The beauty of self service contract automation is that it creates a completely automated workflow.

With self service contracts any deviation is 100% compliant. The use of GPT-3 technology in data processing makes the language of every contract understandable to everyone while matching your corporate style.

Remove contract processing from your risk awareness list with self service documents.

Boost your sales cycle with faster customer onboarding

Contract Lifecycle Management makes up for 19% of the selling cycle. Sales representatives come to the legal department to get an NDA checked and signed, a sales agreement to process–all of this takes precious time away from paying full and undivided attention to the client. 

Now your sales team can go straight to presentation and negotiations with the client. If there’s an NDA that needs to be signed, don’t worry. Send your client a link to a public-facing self service NDA template, if you don’t have it already embedded on your website. 

A couple of minutes of a client’s time to fill in the questions and voila’?the customer gets a signed NDA and a customer experience with zero friction. Your sales team goes straight to what they do best. That is, sales.

Create a seamless onboarding experience that both your team and your client will enjoy. Boost your sales cycle with self service contract automation.

Increased accessibility and native integration

The beauty of self service documents is they can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. Being fully web-based, all you need is a device with an internet connection to access a self service NDA, self service DPA, or self service sales document via a public-sharing link.

There are two options of giving your clients access:

This provides unmatched accessibility for your clients, and allows for an easy integration into your contract management processes.

What is QuickDocs?

QuickDocs is fully self-service document automation software that processes, signs, and delivers simple contracts to your clients, based on your compliant legal templates, without getting your lawyer involved.

In 2019, 85% of agreements were subject to a legal review. Reduce that number for your company with self service contracts.

With QuickDocs you can:

  • Save money
  • Provide seamless customer experience
  • Prioritize better

QuickDocs is the ultimate way for you to automate your contract workflow. And while there are other self service document solutions on the market, there are features that are exclusive to AXDRAFT’s QuickDocs:

  • Whitelabelling function
  • Built-in document storage and analytics
  • Flexible document drafting

Experience how QuickDocs works by filling out a sample NDA form.


Evolution is the key to growth. But as we evolve, so do our tools. Document automation software is not an exception to that rule. Everyday we try to manage our processes faster, more efficiently, and leave no room for error. Some of these processes, like simple contract management, can now be fully delegated to self service document automation tools.

This lets us focus on more meaningful tasks, optimize our legal spend, make more profit with boosted sales cycles, and even create a better customer experience. Today, it’s about simple contracts. Tomorrow, you’ll have more time to dedicate resources for growth.

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