Some Advice

If you’re a lawyer, then most likely you’ve faced a situation where your friends or family members asked for advice. Or maybe you need advice and want to ask someone else. In either case, we’re here to help.

What It’s All About

We try to provide information that can potentially make a lawyer’s life easier. This section includes:

  • Legal lifehacks
  • Work/life balance tips
  • Networking tips
  • Non-legal tips to become a successful lawyer

Being a certified lawyer and having a practice is no longer enough to advance your career. You also need to stay on top of industry trends, communicate with other professionals, know how to get the job done faster, and how to deal with stress. Things that may not seem connected to your job, such as your personal life, hobbies, or some secret MS Word function, may actually affect your professional life. Hopefully, it’ll be for the better.

Which tips can you use when you conduct legal research?
  • Narrow down your jurisdiction
  • Use both primary and secondary sources
  • Use a helpful case to find others like it
  • Consider data but don’t obsess about it
  • Ask for help
Legal tips for business owners
  • Select and form a business entity
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Protect the personal data of your customers and employees
  • Formalize business arrangements with co-owners
  • Use written contracts
  • Digitize your legal department
Legal tips for entrepreneurs
  • Choose the right business structure
  • Get insurance
  • Put all agreements within employees, contractors, vendors, and customers into contracts
  • Understand laws
  • Embrace technology (i.e. AXDRAFT CLM)