Keeping Up with the Winds of Change

Today’s world is rapidly changing at the speed of light. Markets are growing, patterns for legal services shift, technology becomes smarter, and customer expectations evolve. The good news is that this page will help keep you up to speed!

Monitoring Everything for You

Many global factors affect the way business is done, as well as how we go about our job. This section includes:

  • Technology that helps you run legal operations effectively
  • What your customers expect and how to avoid disappointing
  • Advice on how to adapt your workflow to macro events and other turmoil
  • Industry insights

Each legal team has its own concerns and challenges, and it’s not always easy to follow news and trends, analyze what changes they may cause, or figure out how it can help you improve your work. Luckily, AXDRAFT is always here for you 🙂

What are the challenges facing the legal industry?
  • Law firm recruitment and talent retention
  • Fee earner burnout
  • Lawyer competency
  • Meeting your clients’ digital expectations
  • Equipping law firms with the right technology
  • Remote and hybrid work
  • Cyberattacks
  • Remaining compliant
  • Increased competition
  • Knowing how to use your law firm data
Which area of law is the most popular?

The most popular areas of law are complex litigation, corporate law, and tax law.

Which area of law is the most in demand?

Corporate, family, and employment law are presently most in demand.

Which area of law is the fastest growing?

5 of the fastest growing legal sectors are healthcare, environmental, entertainment, intellectual property, and family.