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Sometimes the only thing stopping you from abandoning legacy software that no longer meets your growing needs (or straight up sets you on edge) is the amount of effort you need to move away from it. All that data you’ve been building up for years isn’t going to migrate itself.

But that doesn’t mean you should be the one migrating it, or that the process should be any exhausting or painful.

To show you how AXDRAFT can help you move your legacy contracts onto our CLM platform, we put up this guide that will help you: 

  • Understand when is the good time to consider migrating to new legal technology
  • Prepare your team for the migration in a way that leaves no room for error or holdback
  • Lay out the migration process to stay in control without investing too much effort and resources.


Questions to ask yourself before starting the migration, and the most common myths about the migration process debunked

The step-by-step outline of the process of migrating to AXDRAFT with roles and timeframes

5 reasons contract migration is good for your risk immunity, topped by common data migration issues and ways to tackle them

You don't just switch to a new software, you migrate to new legal technology.