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A lawyer usually spends around 30 minutes on processing a simple NDA. But it can turn into hours of back-and-forth emails and human-caused bottlenecks.

With QuickDocs overview guide you’ll find out:

  • What it takes to start spending 0 minutes to draft, sign, and deliver 100% compliant, branded, pitch-perfect oneNDA contracts with zero legal input
  • Which are the best document automation software features to fit your business and legal needs
  • How much you can save in terms of legal costs and the most precious resource – your lawyer’s time


A description of what self-service and automation tools are, and why it is important to integrate such solutions into your oneNDA workflows to make both your customers and lawyers happy.

A list of unique features and superpowers that you can unlock with Quickdocs, and how to use them to set up a self service automation process for your contracts.

A detailed step-by-step guide to setting up your self-service oneNDA template and creating the best experience for your clients.

See how self-service contracts will boost the efficiency of your legal team.