Download our free CLM software RFP template

Shopping for CLM software may resemble finding a parking spot in a full garage with your eyes closed.

If you don’t want to get locked in a contract with the platform hat doesn’t check all the right boxes, you need to clearly lay out your expectations and must-haves in a Request for Proposal (RFP). To save you time when screening vendors, we prepared a sample RFP template that:

  • Outlines 130+ basic criteria to evaluate CLM software
  • Helps you set your priorities straight and identify granular problems you need solved with CLM software
  • Allows you to define the critical features you need and the questions to ask vendors
  • Sets the groundwork for you to build up your tailored RFP on.


A sample spreadsheet containing the framework for the software screening process: which info to provide about your company, which problems you’d like to solve, expectations from CLM software, milestones and org aspects for the selection.

A list of basic features you can expect from a good CLM software broken by lifecycle stages

Sample account management, security, and pricing questions that most commonly come up in the vendor selection process that will help you make the decision faster

Spend less time putting an RFP together, and more time making the right decision