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An efficient approach to legal risk management not only includes understanding where risk can come from, but also risk modeling—an action plan with steps to address and mitigate risk.

To help you create a solid data-backed risk management strategy, we’ve prepared a detailed guide on legal risk modeling, which empowers you to:

  • Better understand different types of legal risks and their severity, and learn from real-life crisis situations.
  • Emulate the potential risk scenarios in a safe environment inside your company to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Create your own strategic roadmap for dealing with legal risks and minimizing their effects.


An overview of the main risk types, with real-life examples of negligence and its consequences

A list of reproducible steps and questions to ask yourself for modeling risk scenarios before they actually happen

The foundation for building your risk response plan, and the ways contract automation technology helps address risks at their core

Emulating risk scenarios is your way to make sure you always know what to do next. Find out about risk modeling in our ebook