Legal Terms

A good lawyer isn’t someone who knows everything. A good lawyer is someone who knows where to look. Legal professionals understand and can explain legalese to their clients and non-legal colleagues. But when it comes to legal tech, which combines legal and IT, even professionals can get confused. That’s why we gathered an unabridged legal document automation glossary that explains terms in simple words.

Contract Management

September 16, 2022

Contract Management

September 1, 2022

What It’s All About

Learn the critical legal tech terms and concepts you should know. This section includes:

  • Document drafting & template authoring terminology
  • Document management & ECM terminology
  • Workflow & BPM terminology

And more!

This will help you easily understand terms when implementing and using legal document automation software at your company. Make sure to bookmark this section so that once you encounter some unknown term in your user manual, you know where to go.

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What are the terms of a law?

These are the conditions and warranties agreed upon between contract parties.

What are some examples of legal jargon?

Adjournment: To suspend the case and postpone it until a future time or place.
Alimony: The legal obligation of a person to provide their spouse with financial support after a divorce or separation.
Bench: Officially, the bench refers to the seat of the judge. However, it can refer to the judiciary as a whole, or of a certain court (such as the U.S. Supreme Court).
Exhibit: A document or object shown to the court as evidence.
Final Judgment: The ultimate, final decision for the case. All that remains after this point is the sentencing and actual enforcement of the verdict.
Grounds: The reason(s) the case was brought to the court in the first place.
What are the 4 different types of laws?
In U.S. Law, they are constitutional, federal and state, administrative, and case law.

What is a proper legal term?

It is a word or phrase that has a specific meaning when used in a legal context.

What is a court term?

It is the period of time that a court sits and is considered “in session”. For example, the court term of the U.S. Supreme Court is typically from the first Monday of October to late June or early July.