Download our free Contract Lifecycle Management Software Risk Assessment Matrix

We’ve all grown so connected to the technology we use every day that it is sometimes hard to detach ourselves from it to see if it really still works for us

To help evaluate the performance of your contract management software, we’ve prepared a Risk Assessment Matrix that will help you:

  • Better understand software risks and their severity
  • Fine-tune your risk management strategy to account for software-related liabilities
  • Tell whether it’s time to move on to a different CLM software vendor


A filled-in matrix of the most common risks lawyers and non-legal teams face when working with contract lifecycle management and document automation software

A separate matrix with risk scores assigned based on the risk probability and severity, followed by the score ranges to calculate the risks that apply to your company and evaluate their impact

A brief explanation on how to use this matrix, and an empty matrix template for you to build your own risk model that includes more targeted and industry-specific risks

Is your contract management software still doing the job for you? Download our Risk Assessment Matrix and find out