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CLM systems are the future of contracting. They help automate routine legal tasks and connect processes across departments to bring efficiency and data transparency to your organization.

In this guide, we explore all the ins and outs of CLM systems so you can get a better idea of how they work, and:

  • Understand the 2022 legal tech market and what to look for in CLM software
  • Define who can benefit from a CLM system within your company and when is the best time to adopt it
  • Calculate the ROI of this software and mitigate contract-related risks


A detailed list of types of CLM software, their goals and functions, and the power you can find under the hood of the modern systems

A breakdown of CLM best practices by contract management stages that will help you understand if you need a CLM system, and which one exactly

In-depth explanation of everything you need to transform CLM system from mere software to a dedicated partner

Get all the information you need to choose CLM software that you'll actually use