AXDRAFT 2021 in Review: Triple-Double, Self Service Contracts, and More


Not many people at AXDRAFT team have more to say, when we realize that another year is about to end.

We have ended 2020 with AXDRAFT acquired by Onit, Inc and started 2021 with a couple extra doors opened in front of us.

And we smashed through them like no one else would! 🚀

Join us in this retrospective of what AXDRAFT has managed to accomplish in 2021. We will also take a peek into 2022, and some of the daring plans we have in store for the Year of the Water Tiger.

Let’s go!

Double the number of documents drafted

First Town Hall of 2021 started with insane news’ – a record number of documents were generated inside AXDRAFT.

This trend kept growing, and growing, and growing’ and in 2021 our clients drafted twice as many contracts as they have in 2020.

‘I would hate to go back to drafting documents without AXDRAFT’ – General Counsel of Louis Dreyfus Company

The reason for that is simple’ – drafting contracts in AXDRAFT CLM is super easy, and you suddenly get so much free time that all you can do is keep creating new contracts, engaging with new clients, and sealing new deals.

Not that we don’t ever mention that. 😉

Double the staff

Our awesome product is built by an awesome team of lawyers, software engineers, marketing gurus, and sales monsters. En route to doubling up on everything, AXDRAFT has grown almost twice in size’?from 14 to 26 people by the end of 2021.

This has allowed us to focus more resources on making AXDRAFT better as a software, maintain the best customer service, and expand our presence and recognition in the legal tech world.

Being twice as big as a team was quite unexpected’?now it turns out that we have to book out a whole hotel if we want to throw a corporate party, like we did this Christmas 🎄

Double the money

Since the very first year, AXDRAFT keeps doubling up on revenue. This year was no different. As our contract lifecycle management software becomes better, and our pricing more flexible, AXDRAFT is becoming a perfect fit for medium to large businesses and law firms, who find value in starting small, and then scaling up as the year goes on.

‘The level of service AXDRAFT provides is second to none. That’s the real kicker for me. The team is incredibly responsive and very easy to work with.’? ‘? Legal Ops manager at Slack

The more you start gaining with frictionless contract lifecycle management, the more you start growing your business. That’s the value we bring to the table, and the reason why the growth doesn’t stop.

Quick fact: DTEK Grids, one of our long-time partners, and one of  the biggest electricity distribution companies in Ukraine, stated that in 2021, they managed to save $3,000,000 on contract management, thanks to AXDRAFT CLM.

Isn’t that what a properly chosen software for law firms is supposed to provide you with?

New products, integrations, and partnerships

Every year we strive to increase the level of document workflow automation that can be brought into the contract management world, and give lawyers more freedom to do things they truly enjoy’?being the strategists, patron-protectors, and leaders of the forward movement for their clients.

This year, we brought you:

  • contracts that take care of themselves
  • built-in eSign solution
  • integrations with your favourite CRM software for law firms
  • partnership with standardized contract template creators
  • and many other things that help you take friction out of your contract workflows

Let’s take a closer look at some of those highlights:

QuickDocs self-service contracts

Have you ever dreamt of clients who come to you with an already signed, pitch-perfect contract, ready to roll?

Because we heard you, and created QuickDocs – a fully automated contract automation platform that lets you spend 0 minutes on contract processing.

The beauty of QuickDocs self service document automation lies in pre-approved public-facing templates, where your clients are in full control over the drafting process.

All they have to do is answer a few simple questions and fill in their data. The client will receive a signed copy of the contract via email, along with any materials that you have attached to it in advance.

Pipedrive integration

Contracts make up for ⅕ of the selling cycle. Often, this leads to sales teams getting tangled in the legal routine, and lawyers getting regularly distracted with approvals of simple contracts and invoices.

As a result, sales teams don’t sell 30% of their time.

‘Flawlessly automated creation of consulting agreements, supply and freelancer contracts’?

By integrating AXDRAFT CLM with Pipedrive CRM, we have empowered sales representatives to draft compliant contracts based on pre-approved legal templates directly from their favorite sales tool.

All client data is transferred into the contracts and invoices automatically, and legal teams step into the process only to quickly skim through the drafted document and hit the ‘?Approve’ button.

Don’t ever let contracts stop you from making more revenue again!

oneNDA + QuickDocs

For generations, a non disclosure agreement was the most popular contract type in the world. There have been so many ways of drafting it that a lawyer had to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours only to get a simple document drafted.

OneNDA came to change that. They’ve partnered with corporate lawyers around the world and created a standardized NDA template that requires zero editing. Because there really should be only one non disclosure agreement.

By combining oneNDA with QuickDocs, we give lawyers the power to completely step out of the process and repurpose up to 20 hours every week for more impactful tasks.

In addition to that, half of the money goes to oneNDA, so that the crowd-sourced, not-for-profit initiative can continue their operations in 2022, and bring more standardized contracts to share with the world.

Starting New Year with something new

Of course, we couldn’t end this year without a few gifts for you, and a few gifts for us.

Let’s start with you first:

  • In 2021, we have focused our efforts on thought leadership and education to help you maximize on your expertise with playbooks on building innovative legal teams, choosing the right legal tech software, and taking care of your mental health. To help you easily access all of our research, we have created a resource library, and given everyone free access. 🤗
  • Last quarter of 2021 was directed at rethinking the structure and design of our website. After a year full of updates and accomplishments, making a website more informational, beautiful and easy for you to navigate was the only right thing to do. That’s why, starting January 1st, there will be first pages of our new website to browse through, and explore AXDRAFT rejuvenated.

As for us, it’s gotten a bit crowded in our old office. And we decided that it’s time to move to a bigger place, with a nicer view. Our new office opened doors this last week of 2021, and will keep the doors open for new employees, new clients, and all the awesome things that we have in store for legal professionals in years to come!

We can’t end this awesome year without making a few promises and setting a few goals in front of us. Rocketships don’t fly without the coordinates of the to-be-colonized planet.

So, here’s what we have in store for the Year of the Tiger:

  • More integrations and partnerships, starting with Salesforce. In 2022, AXDRAFT will be seamlessly integrated with even more of your favorite tools, to create even more automated workflows for your legal and business teams. Let us take care of your contracts, while you enjoy managing the rest
  • Expand AXDRAFT functionality. Our contract lifecycle management platform will get a boost of reinvented collaboration, improved dashboards, and other handy features to accommodate your wildest contract management dreams 🔥🔥🔥
  • Keep helping you lead the industry. We’re expanding our content management team to bring even more playbooks, guides, checklists, and infographics for your legal operations, and make sure that every lawyer is comfortable with the digital transformation that keeps gaining momentum worldwide.
  • Break a few more records. Daring enough, but we want to keep the triple-double streak active. For that, we’ll just keep getting better for you, and bring more value into your contract lifecycle management processes 👑

The legal landscape is changing constantly, and AXDRAFT’s lifetime goal is to dedicate 284% of our efforts to helping you ride the wave of innovation, become advisors to the board, and show the real value that your legal team has in store.

As always, we invite you to explore our website and learn more about the always-growing benefits of contract automation, and get a real feel of AXDRAFT by drafting a pitch-perfect NDA in our instant demo.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all of you! 🎁 🎁 🎁

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