AXDRAFT’s Month in Review: How We Operate Under Air Raid Sirens

The latest events taking place in Ukraine have turned the entire world upside down. 

Last month was the hardest one in our country’s modern history. Living in the 21st century, witnessing teenagers successfully launch startups, planning to colonize Mars, and curing diseases that had been deemed incurable for decades, few could have expected such an open act of aggression that goes against everything we as a global society have been striving towards. 

As a business originating from Ukraine, we’ve been hearing the news about the Russian threat escalating on our borders months before it happened. In response, we prepared a game plan we could use in case conflict broke out. 

We had our fingers crossed, hoping we’d never have to use it, but on February 24th, Phase 1 of our plan commenced. 

What does this mean for our clients?

Our entire team has been relocated to a safe location. We conducted all the necessary protocols, and our operations largely went unaffected even while our team was on the road. 

All client data is securely stored on servers outside of Ukraine. The SOC-2 certification we received last year remains in effect, and AXDRAFT still maintains bank-level security.  

Our team has uninterrupted access to the Internet and all digital resources. Operationally, very few things have changed, and we even have a local office area if we feel like working onsite.

We have an emergency business continuity committee in place. Their responsibility is to frequently assess our plans and make any changes as necessary. This includes: 

  • cross-training team members located outside of Ukraine
  • ensuring critical business operations can be performed from outside of Ukraine for an extended period of time
  • relocating personnel and equipment to alternate locations
  • creating alternate supply chains for critical items 

The risk of disruption to the infrastructure and continuity of the software as a service is minimal. Along with trained team members in Germany and the United States, AXDRAFT is providing and maintaining the highest level of support and service.

Here are just a few of the many considerations that have been factored into our business continuity plan. In case the situation escalates, we have Phase 2 already outlined. 

AXDRAFT is safe. We stay strong and support Ukraine   

None of this would have been possible without the support of Onit Inc., our parent company and dedicated friend. They helped us with preparations, resource allocation, and business continuity plan execution. Each of our team members has received a ton of personal support from Onit family members. 

As a result, we are in a position where we can maintain business as usual without any operational disruptions. In these circumstances, it’s a blessing–and a privilege not all companies in Ukraine currently have. 

At the same time, we stand together with Ukraine against the threat. 

What are we doing?

Each of our team members is contributing to both the success of our business and the Ukrainian resistance. 

Up and running

First and foremost, we keep working. The Ukrainian economy has been heavily affected by the war. The fact that we have our wheels in motion, and that our business is tailored for the global market, puts us in a position where we can support the economy by bringing the cash flow into the country. 

No more partnerships with Russian businesses

As Ukrainians, we hate the idea of doing business with someone who finances the shelling of our cities, directly or not. That’s why we discontinued any ongoing partnerships we previously had with companies supporting Russian aggression. And we intend to keep it that way moving forward. 

Local businesses have enough on their plates without having to worry about legal documents. Volunteers should focus on helping the population, not dealing with contracts they never used before. That is why we made Avodocs Pro+ free for all Ukrainian users. We also added a new set of the most common legal templates for the current scenario. 

Small steps towards a big victory

On top of everything mentioned above, the AXDRAFT team has a few other initiatives: 

– We provide financial contributions to the Ukrainian army both on a corporate level and as a personal donation.

– We support the Ukrainian army, as well as medical institutions, orphanages, and other establishments, with medicine, food, and various essentials.

– Several of our team members have personally joined the Territorial Defense Forces in Kyiv and Lviv to help keep these cities safe for civilians.

– We have donated blood to the army.

– We assist with the logistics for humanitarian help and support refugees coming from occupied regions.

– Our Marketing team is taking part in a larger campaign targeted at preventing disinformation while highlighting actual events in the media.

Most importantly, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help Ukraine get through these trying times.

How are we doing?

War takes an emotional toll on the strongest of us. 

It’s hard to say whether we’re doing enough, as it always feels like we could be doing more. As psychology suggests, this is exactly how regular people who are not laying idle should be feeling. 

To lift the spirits of everyone feeling the same way we do, we created a new comic. We hope it helps everyone who reads it find a bit of inner peace. 

Because together, we are a legion, and we can do anything. 

What can you be doing to help Ukraine?

Let’s be painfully transparent: AXDRAFT is doing okay. We’re lucky to have the support we have. 

But lots of Ukrainian people–and businesses too–are in dire need of help. If you follow the news, you probably know all about the shelling, the infrastructural collapse, the humanitarian crisis in some Ukrainian cities, and the civilian casualties. 

That’s why any bit of help is invaluable and matters A LOT. Here are a few ways you could get involved in supporting Ukraine and its population: 

Even the smallest show of help can secure that one person in Ukraine has a hot meal, a place to sleep, and our Army is standing strong at the frontline.

Support Ukrainian businesses

Many companies that previously focused on providing services locally had to quickly shift their operations to the global market. 

The best help they can get is new partnerships and new sales. That’s because the money earned flows back into the Ukrainian economy and supports our victory. So if you’ve been hesitant about whether to upgrade your Grammarly account, get an Ajax security system installed, or download new software developed by MacPaw for your Macbook, now is the best time to do so. 

Here’s a list of software companies with Ukrainian roots that you could check. 

Moving forward…

AXDRAFT is standing strong. We have every bit of faith in our country, and in our victory. 

But to reach it, Ukrainians need to get through turbulent times. And this is where we need your help. 

But we will win together. Ukraine will win!

Україна переможе!

Слава Україні! Героям Слава! 💙💛

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