Catch up with AXDRAFT at Legalweek 2022 in New York!

Over the last 2 years, the world has largely gone on an enforced vacation from in-person events. 

While we supported the idea all the way through, we still looked forward to the day we’d be able to jump on a plane, set up a booth, and see how the legal landscape has changed over the time all our communication has been brought down to zeroes and ones.

And this day has come! We’re excited to let you know that we’ll be terminating our digital exile at Legalweek 2022!

The event will be taking place on March 8-11 at New York Hilton Midtown, and we’ll be there each day to connect. 

Come visit us!

As a CLM system vendor whose main goal is to make our platform even more friendly and home-like, AXDRAFT couldn’t pass on the opportunity to find out what’s going on in the industry first hand. 

And who are we kidding, we also miss the shared energy and vibe of in-person events. 

At Legalweek, we’ll have our own booth in the Onit family of companies zone at the Cyber Café on the 3rd floor of the Hilton, right next to show registration. 

Here’s the list of AXDRAFT folks who’ll be attending the show, so that you can look for familiar faces: 

These guys will be at our booth, ready to talk about all things legal—and more!

That’s where we’ll be: 

  • Getting to know all of you 
  • Discussing your legal workflows and current challenges
  • Checking up whether a CLM could help you advance in meeting your strategic goals
  • Showing fully self-service contracts that require 0 minutes to process
  • Giving demos of AXDRAFT and QuickDocs

So if you want to see how you could be drafting perfect error-free documents in under 3 minutes, how you could make your workflows faster by 40%, or how you can get a new CLM up and running in just 2 weeks—come talk to us!

We suggest to book a time on our calendar to make sure we dedicate all our attention to you and your company needs.

So what exactly is Legalweek?

Only one of the largest legal events across the country 😅 

It’s an entire week dedicated to: 

  • Discussing the challenges legal professionals face in their work both in-house and in law firms
  • Talking about career developments and work-related topics
  • Getting a taste of the latest trends in legal technology
  • Listening to TED-style talks from the industry leaders and attending panel discussions
  • Getting the overview of the industry standards, and the necessary insights to innovate legal departments and law firms 
  • And of course, networking! 

Add to this a spectacular view of New York cityscape, and we say you’re in for a great week full of mingling with the fellow professionals, keeping up with the key findings in legal, and fun. 

Who should attend?

While we feel anyone within legal or adjacent sectors will find something interesting on the agenda, Legalweek is a must-visit for: 

  • Law firm partners 
  • Legal tech and innovation architects 
  • Legal ops managers
  • Inside counsel
  • Knowledge management and legal project management
  • Marketing teams

All in all, anyone interested in the topics of Future of Law, Contract Lifecycle Management, ESG, Cyber security and Data Privacy, eDiscovery, RPA, and more—should definitely free up some time over the second week of March. 

A few sessions to kickstart your journey

Legalweek has a packed agenda so that everyone who visits can find a valuable panel or live discussion. 

To give you a start in planning your schedule, here are a few great events that Onit, our parent company, will be holding this year: 

  • Happy Hour Hosted by Onit and PwC. Join the Onit family and fellow leaders in the legal field for drinks and networking on Wednesday, March 9th, at the Vivid Lounge at Renaissance Hotel. The list is limited, so make sure to save your spot
  • Emerging Tech Session. Tune in to the talk on Building Stronger Connections to the Enterprise on Tuesday, March 10, from 1:30-2:30 PM. See how such companies as Mass Mutual, Hearst, and Corteva are addressing the current challenges and tackling innovation and technology as a means to build a strong connection between legal and the enterprise. This event is open for anyone with an all-access badge to Legalweek. 

If you haven’t yet decided if you want to visit, but would still want to connect with us, or if you have any questions, feel free to book a time for a quick call. If you’d like a sample of AXDRAFT before the show, try our free demo and get an NDA in less than a minute. 

And of course, make sure to save your spot at Legalweek and secure your time to catch up with us!

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