AXDRAFT is an easy-to-use contract lifecycle management system that you can master in a few hours. It has many functions we’re eager to tell you about (some of them unique). That’s why we describe how to use them, how your business can benefit from them, and how different tools are combined in AXDRAFT. Consequently, instead of relying on multiple tools, you can rely on just AXDRAFT.

Contracts 101

January 11, 2023

Under the Hood

Find out everything you wanted to know about AXDRAFT CLM and how it works, its features, and its impact on legal workflows. This section includes:

  • What to look for in CLMs and how to compare them
  • AXDRAFT and its new features
  • Highlights of AXDRAFT CLM
  • Deep dive into technical aspects

The more you learn, the better you can manage your workflows. That includes contract lifecycle management and document automation with AXDRAFT CLM, as well as best practices, trends, and instructions.

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What is legal guidance?

Legal guidance or legal advice is giving a professional or formal opinion regarding aspects or procedures of law in relation to certain real-life situations.

What is a legal checklist?

It is a tool businesses can use to comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations, codes, or standards. There can be different checklists for different situations.

Is there a website for asking legal questions?

There are websites that provide such services, but they usually charge a fee. There can also be free sites with legal advice for particular industries, such as The American Bar Association.