Draft the World #3: Contract Management Abra, Draft, Cadabra [Comics]

Fear is one of the oldest companions of humankind. It is behind many discoveries and decisions – or lack of such. Incidentally, it is both the driving force of tech advancement (alongside frustration and laziness, which we’ve all faced in contract management), and the roadblock on the way to digital transformation. A dichotomy as beautiful as it is counter-productive.

Simply because people fear novelty just as much as they admire it.

Some even prefer to think about new developments as some sort of magic’?amazing, yet incomprehensible, and alien as it can be. Among this group lawyers are not uncommon.

Don’t get us wrong, we love lawyers. We built AXDRAFT by lawyers and for lawyers in the first place. But all too many legal experts prefer to admire legal technology at a distance, leaving it on their ‘to check out later’? lists because it still requires extra effort to get a grip on. Which is somewhat anachronistic in our fast-paced tech-driven world.

Let alone the business risks brought about ignoring innovation.

At the end of the day, for many, digitized legal operations still remain as surreal as trying to construct a tesseract in real life, or move objects without touching them.

Draft the World 3 - Abra draft cadabra comics

This is what we tried to show in our new episode of ‘Draft the World’? comics. Alongside the idea of how cool it would be if all it took was that ‘?whoooosh!’ sound and a single click for all your paperwork to be magically moved to the contract management system software.

Good news: we’re almost there

Not that it takes a single click yet’?there are still a few more in between. But AXDRAFT did make a leap forward in making the migration process smooth, uninterrupted, and effortless. And in that, far less fearsome.

Because ultimately, most fears come from lack of understanding. When it comes to document management, we believe there should be no terra incognita in any area you work with. Not only is it vital that you know your contract management software through and through, it also helps to develop a mindset that welcomes innovation.

An efficient document management solution should not just be software after all. It should be a partner you can trust. Your cooperation needs to be crystal clear and flawless, and that is how you can get rid of any technology angst.

Here’s how AXDRAFT helps you embrace legal technology:

  • We show, draw, and tell you how everything works (we can even sing about it’?but you probably don’t want to hear that). Inside and out. That is before we even start.
  • We help you and all involved teams prepare for the migration. Not only do we supply you with all the information, we can actually help you inspire your colleagues to use new software. After all, little progress can be made if you are the only one willing to transform your work.
  • We migrate all your document templates for you. You can focus on other work knowing that each of your templates is being processed to preserve all logic, and enhanced with new flexibility. You will get them up and running at your first login to AXDRAFT. That is our own form of telekinesis.
  • We’re always here to talk and respond to your requests. We know that new templates will be used, and we’ll automate them as well. We’re also aware that you will develop new needs as we progress, as this is what legal ops are all about. So you can be assured that there is always room for growth and change inside AXDRAFT.
  • We’ll help you to perform better. It’s a no-brainer once you have your contracts within reach, and when you can draft them in mere minutes. Next, you’ll need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Our analytics (both automated and our team’s brainpower) is right here for you to help you see where you can improve your contract performance.

All of these entwine in our own form of contract management magic. Just take AXDRAFT for a spin and get a taste of it yourself!

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