How QuickDocs Empowers Business Teams to Work With Documents Like Real Lawyers

Lawyers often fear that legal technology is here to take their jobs. That at the end of the day, all legal work will be automated, and there will be nothing left for them to do. 

While this fear is perfectly reasoned (after all, we all want to feel acknowledged for our contribution), what many fail to notice is that legal automation is meant to take over the tasks they don’t like.  

Unless, of course, they are hardcore fans of manually assembling batches of identical contracts, copying and pasting data from spreadsheets, and fixing errors business teams make in their work with documents. 

According to the 2019 ACC Benchmark Survey, 80.8% of in-house legal partake in contract management processes by simply reviewing and drafting documents. At the same time, only 1.2% of administrative personnel participate in the same processes.  

80.8% of in-house legal partake in contract management processes by simply reviewing and drafting documents.

Combined with the fear we mentioned above, this leads to: 

  • Legal being swamped with routine tasks that decrease their job satisfaction
  • The cost of contract creation and maintenance reaching up to $50K apiece
  • Companies losing up to 9% of annual revenue

Let alone the fact that many clients have already embraced the culture of innovation, and expect polished digital services from their partners and vendors. 

Where does AXDRAFT QuickDocs stand in all of this?

Today, when talking about customer experience, people no longer refer to how accurately you process their requests, or how friendly your client service is. 

What they usually mean is how much flexibility you give them to choose the option that takes them towards the target result in the fastest and the most convenient way. 

Legal is a well-known bottleneck in many business processes, legal review, negotiations, and approval taking days and sometimes even weeks. 

So what we try to do with AXDRAFT QuickDocs is make legal an empowerer instead of a bottleneck. At least, for business deals that require simple documents, such as NDA, DPA, or a standard sales agreement. 

How do we do it?

AXDRAFT QuickDocs is a self-service document automation engine that allows your clients to draft and sign simple contracts that require zero input from legal. All you need to do is share the link to the template, either directly to your clients, or just embed it on your website, and you will get a signed 100% compliant contract with all client data within seconds.

All the while spending 0 minutes preparing this contract. 

See how it all works in our Instant Demo, or feel free to check out how we already implemented QuickDocs for companies like Slack and Vimeo.  

Unlike similar solutions that stop right after the contract is delivered to the client, AXDRAFT takes a step further and also equips you with the following options:

  • Document and form whitelabelling. Your client’s won’t be able to tell it’s built with third-party software. 
  • Condition-based document drafting process. You can either use a one-size-fits-all template, or you can have the clauses modified based on the answers to the simple questions your clients choose. 
  • Storage, analytics, and metadata. The signed contract will be automatically saved in your storage, allowing you to retrieve and repurpose client data, easily find the necessary contract with filters and in-text search, and build custom reports to evaluate your performance. 

All of this put together lets you save over 40 hours and an equivalent of 30% of your lawyer’s salary a month on the work with documents. On top of providing uninterrupted customer experience, and more control over your workload. 

How does QuickDocs fit inside your business processes?

There are multiple areas that can benefit from self-service automation (and truth be told, we may not even be aware of all of them yet). 

But instead of jumping to assumptions, we prefer to share the use cases, in which QuickDocs has already proven useful. Below we’ve gathered the main ways our existing clients use our software:

1. Self-service onboarding.

In many cases, onboarding new clients requires signing an NDA and/or a DPA. Which makes perfect sense, as you want to be 100% transparent with your clients about the ways that you collect and use their information, while ensuring that none of your sensitive data is accidentally disclosed. 

On the average, processing a simple NDA or DPA can take up to 7 days, with all the email back-and-forthing, notifications, and legal review to crown the process. 

At AXDRAFT, we feel that 7 days is way too much. Any amount of time is way too much for such a simple document, really. 

Processing a simple NDA or DPA can take up to 7 days

With QuickDocs, NDAs and DPAs become a minor part in the onboarding process, and the one that does not cause any friction. Here’s why: 

  • You can let your users onboard themselves and set up automated flows that will deliver the necessary information or ungate the access the moment after the document is signed
  • By embedding the link on your website, you empower your users to go through the onboarding process whenever they want, regardless of your business hours. This speeds the process up and improves customer experience
  • You automatically gather the right data from your clients. QuickDocs validates the format of data inside your fields, so your client’s won’t enter a phone number instead of the date by mistake. 
  • You can automatically provide NDA and DPA documents tailored to the local governing law (without having to make any manual changes) 
  • Your clients don’t need to bother with external e-signature solutions, as all documents can be signed with AXDRAFT sign, or another software you use. 

Companies like Slack, Vimeo, and Onit already save 5+ months’ worth of time with QuickDocs. 

2. Sales agreements processing.

Few things are more frustrating for your sales team than when a deal falls through. It’s even more discouraging when this happens because legal took too long to process the contract. 

And yet, contract processes take up to 18% of the selling cycle. QuickDocs makes your sales cycle 18% shorter, by providing your sales teams with:  

  • Approved and 100% compliant legal templates that leave no room for human error
  • A ‘?Sign and pay’ option that takes your clients directly to checkout upon placing their signature in the contract
  • Workflows that allow to deliver multiple documents at the same time
  • A possibility to deliver documents that don’t require legal review
  • A seamless way to collect customer consent along with all the necessary information 
  • A proven tactics to minimize costs on processing new sales leads 
  • A way to allow your clients to take action before their purchase intent goes down

QuickDocs will help you make sure that contract lifecycle management enables your business growth, not blocks it. 

3. SOC-2 report requests.

Getting SOC 2 certified is by far one of the best ways for SaaS to guarantee the security of client data. And while this certification opens many doors, it also requires you to work with certified vendors who can prove their software safety. 

We know that first hand, because AXDRAFT is SOC 2 certified.

This is usually done by sharing a copy of the SOC 2 report. And yet, we all know that this report is a bottomless pit of sensitive information about your company, and and requires an NDA to be signed before it is delivered. 

Processing such requests can take enough time to bring financial implications for your business. QuickDocs helps you avoid them by: 

  • Allowing your clients to request a copy of your SOC 2 report at any point they deem necessary 
  • Establishing the groundwork for setting up automated flows that will deliver the report automatically, right after an NDA is signed
  • Make sure that only the verified companies are getting your SOC 2 report
  • Eliminating the need for legal to step in and manually check the contract for validity and compliance

Move forward at the speed you envision, and be certain that your security information is disclosed under full control, without extra effort.

4. Marketing documentation.

Your marketing team is probably as far from legal as it gets inside your company.

And yet, marketing does not function in complete isolation from legal processes. Lately, the intersection between these two departments has become larger, especially with the introduction of the GDRP and other data protection policies. 

This often requires marketing teams to gather consent from the prospects they work with, while limiting information disclosure with your company’s partners engaged in marketing activities. 

AXDRAFT QuickDocs lets your marketing team add extra value to the company’s growth by: 

  • Quickly moving forward with new partners and brand ambassadors for your company by providing a comfortable and uninterrupted way to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement 
  • Ensuring the protection of your overarching marketing strategy by deliberate or unintentional disclosure by clients, outsourced talent, agencies, and partners
  • Allowing to quickly gather consent from new clients in terms of collecting and processing data, and the further distribution of marketing materials
  • Quickly outlining the legal framework of partnerships with influencers. 

QuickDocs will help ensure that your marketing efforts stay in line with your legal roadmap, without requiring legal oversight. 

Wrapping up

AXDRAFT QuickDocs allows you to reassess your lawyer’s workload, and remove legal bottlenecks from your business operations. 

At the same time, self-service solutions are known to dramatically improve customer experience by giving more freedom to your clients who now prefer less interaction with client service. 

For AWS Activate, we offer a 50% lifetime discount. Get QuickDocs with unlimited users and unlimited number of generated documents at $375/month forever, compared to a regular $752.34/month price. 

If that sounds like something you may be interested in, feel free to check out more information about QuickDocs document automation software, or drop us an email at [email protected]

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