Legal Software

Legal tech is a great help for lawyers or anyone else who handles contracts and other legal matters. The problem is that there are so many different tools from various providers that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So how can you figure out which is the most useful and which is just a waste of money?

Document Automation Magic

December 9, 2022

Document Automation Magic

December 2, 2022

Document Automation Magic

November 25, 2022

Document Automation Magic

October 12, 2022

Legal Tech

The world is constantly evolving, and so is legal software and work approaches. This section includes:

  • Trends in legal tech
  • Industry trends and insights
  • How to choose the right tech and pitch it to stakeholders
  • How to establish vendor relationships and manage them effectively

Whether you’re working in a law firm or in-house legal department, knowing the right tech can facilitate your workflows. No matter if it’s a task manager, billing software, or contract automation tool, you should know if it’s a good fit for your industry and how to maximize your ROI.

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What kind of software do lawyers use?

Timekeeping and billing tools, online payment processing, password managers, knowledge managers, video conferencing, and contract lifecycle management tools.

What software do small law firms use?

Video conferencing, task managers, and calendars.

What is legal SaaS?

Legal SaaS (Software as a service) provides applications that help deal with legal matters using the internet without needing to install software on your devices. For example, AXDRAFT is an SaaS tool.