Draft the World #2: Law, Chaos, and The Ultimate Contract Bender [Comics]

Whether we like it or not, there is plenty of chaos in our world.

Which is good if you look at it from the scientific standpoint, chaos being the catalyst for evolution, and the driving force behind any progress. After all, each of the four elements in ancient philosophy is pure chaos, and yet life would not be possible without them. But when you get to miss an important meeting because you had to go home and change your shirt after your colleague has spilled coffee on it, getting stuck in traffic on your way back to the office, you probably don’t appreciate the creative side of chaos all that much.

If you take a closer look at your everyday life, you may be surprised at the amount of chaos you deal with on a daily basis. Some of it is harmless, like your local store running out of your favorite sort of chocolate when you were craving it. Yet when chaos transcends into your work and legal process, it is not only about you being upset—the aftermath is likely to be more dramatic.

Draft the World 2 Ultimate Contract Bender

Sadly, legal operations are quite susceptible to the penetration of chaos, and situations when a single error in the contract causes the company to lose millions are not unheard of. Remember that case when in the 19th century the US government misplaced a comma in the US Tariff Act and lost 2 million?

While the very nature of chaos does not give you a single way to forecast it, the mathematical Theory of Chaos came up with a brilliant workaround, teaching you to?‘expect the unexpected.—

Legal operations are quite susceptible to the penetration of chaos, and situations, when a single error in the contract causes the company to lose millions, are not unheard of.

Applied to legal contract management, it means:

  • embracing chaos-proof workflows
  • knowing what could possibly go wrong
  • creating risk management strategies that will minimize the effect of the unexpected onto legal operations.

Now there are many things with your legal contracts that can misfire, but at the end of the day, most of them will have to do with a single thing. Human error. Which, incidentally, is one of the ways chaos manifests itself in our world.

Every single typo ever made in legal contracts had a tired, distressed, or inattentive person at the keyboard making it. Each missed contractual obligation signals the pile of other contracts that battle for human attention.

Just because the tasks can be endless, it doesn’t mean your attention should be. Very few can control several processes simultaneously, without losing focus and making mistakes. That is what legal contract management software is for. And we can help you?inspire your legal?team to use it.

AXDRAFT helps to stay on top of multiple legal processes, adding the exact level of synergy you need in your legal ops. Our legal document management software makes every deliverable, contract status, and workflow clearly visible and trackable.

In the world where you are Iron Man and chaos is the bad guy, AXDRAFT is your Jarvis, giving you all the control you need.

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