Draft the World #5: Legal Mortal Kombat [Comics]

Every generation, a portal opens up between the Burnout Realm and the Earth.

Emperor Bjorn Owt, ruler of this mystical Burnout Realm, pounces the moment the portal reopens and slips through with his mighty warriors, intent on total domination and control over the Lawyers Guild.

If the Lawyers Guild falls, our world will be consumed in negligence, lawlessness, and absence of responsibility. J’ustizz, the Master of the Guild and protector of the Earth Realm, cannot let that happen.

The Guild appoints Drafty, a humble warrior from AXDRAFT, who is looking for his next challenge, to become the Champion of the Earth, and represent it in the Tournament of the Legal Fists.

There, Bjorn Owt and his Champion, Dr. Routinovsky, await to take on Drafty, defeat the Lawyers Guild, and poison Contract Management Processes with boredom, human errors, and insecurity.

Who will prevail?

In our 5th episode of ‘Draft the World’? comic series we show the struggles and concerns that legal departments face in their day-to-day work with document management.

To avoid being consumed by legal burnout, we found the one warrior that can save you from this evil’?contract lifecycle management software. Equipped with the right weapons, document drafting techniques, and the wisdom of AI, even Dr. Routinovsky does not stand a chance.

Draft the World comics by AXDRAFT - Legal Mortal Kombat

Legal department is essential to business’s operations.

While contracts govern 80% of our businesses, it is detrimental to have a team that will govern the contract management for our business. But when a lawyer spends hours each day drafting non-disclosure agreements, master service agreements, and other routine documents, it becomes harder to concentrate on what the lawyers are really there for’?the security, rightfulness, and order of your business operations.

While contracts govern 80% of our businesses, it is detrimental to have a team that will govern the contract management for our business.

This is where contract lifecycles management really comes in handy. No more missed deadlines, lost contracts, typos or long negotiation processes. Mystical document automation is here to come to your aid.

First fight. Missed deadlines

Our first opponent is cruel. Missed deadlines can have financial and legal consequences for your company. Untimely deliveries, expired contracts, even missed reports’?all of this can cost your lawyers plenty of distress, and your company a substantial part of its revenue. And let’s not forget the reputation. Nobody wants to deal with a company that misses out on deliverables.

Thankfully, a legal document automation software is there to help. Software for law firms like AXDRAFT will never let you miss another deadline, notifying you and everyone related to the case, when it is time to take action. Then, it is up to you to renew the contract in a single click, approving all the right fixes.

With one click, you can just FINISH HIM!

Second fight. Data theft

Security is always one of the main points on the contract management checklist. In a world full of tech savvy hackers that want to steal your data, ensuring the safety of your contracts in a cloud storage is of utmost importance. How do we get there?

Let’s just add a tiny bit of bank-level security, such as 256-bit encryption and SOC-2 certifications, and WHAM! All your contracts are super secure and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Because that’s what a security storage shield is for:

  • Storing your documents for eons until you, or our ancestors, require them
  • Allowing easy access to even the most ancient manuscripts via the smart search
  • Keeping all your contracts safe and secure from hackers, rats, and mold

Get ready for the final fight!

Final fight. Dr. Routinovsky

This is a nasty one. Routine work can eat up to 70-80% of your day, every day. Negotiations can last for weeks, while basic documents are taking hours to get drafted–with adjusting the clauses and retrieving the company data. At some point, you get used to it so much that routine swallows you in a pile of paperwork that needed to be done yesterday.

Routine work can eat up to 70-80% of your day, every day.

With live collaboration, you can approve any contract in a matter of just a few clicks, and make changes in documents simultaneously. Let’s add to that the dynamic templates that AXDRAFT does for you, a clause playbook, and customizable flows and dashboards.

Now, every time you plan your day and drafting a 100-page contract comes up, just pick the necessary clauses, choose participants, and release the full power of document automation on it. Our platform will draft you a contract in minutes after you click ‘?magic’.


With AXDRAFT document automation software, anyone who tries to mess with your day, Dr. Routinovsky included, don’t stand a chance. And after the fight is won, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and our previous comic series about Legal Operations GhostsThe Big Draft TheoryContract Management Abra-Draft-Cadabra, or The Ultimate Contract Bender, while getting ready for the next Legal Fist Tournament.

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