Draft the World #9: The Failure of Special Routination

In a land, far, far away…

A malevolent presence threatened to wreak havoc and calamity on the continent. That presence was widely known as Dr. Routinovsky.

Routinovsky… The name strikes fear in the hearts of men, women, and children alike.

Naughty children who misbehave are warned that if they continue acting up, Routinovsky will come for them. Or like the Bogeyman or Baba Yaga of lore, young ones who stay up past their bedtime are urged to go to sleep, or else Routinovsky will take them away.

But who is this mysterious evildoer? Is the legend as bad as the man? Or could it be that Routinovsky actually has good intentions, despite the disastrous consequences? Few know the truth, but everyone understands the dangers.

The Prophecy

No more than a score of individuals from the land of Admin knew of a discovered and translated prophecy, known as the “Tale of Two Births”:

The coming of winter’s breath

is preceded by one born of habit.

The dawning of spring’s caress

is heralded by one born of savvy.

Both are destined to meet.

Both are fated to compete.

But only one will experience defeat.

For a long time, none were able to make complete sense of it, but they at least understood the general idea. 

Two individuals would appear. One would bring bad (“winter”). One would bring good (“spring”). And in time, they would encounter each other and fight. 

Rise of Routinovsky

Suddenly, one day, news about the Lord of Custom’s newborn child reached these oracles. And given that the Lord’s name was Routinovsky, pieces started falling into place.

They now understood that the prophecy’s first lines likely spoke of the new Routinovsky child. Custom was an oft-used synonym of habit, which meant that all children born in the land of Custom could be said to have been born “of habit”. And who better to epitomize the land and its way of life than the lord’s son.

With this clue, the oracles gazed to the neighboring land of Wit for the second child. But as the land was ruled by a democracy, rather than a lordship, they knew not who to look for. All they could do was wait and bide time until one with exceptional qualities made themselves known.

As the years passed, the oracles watched as the ambitious Routinovsky child grew up. He chipped away at the power of his father, so much so that the kingdom’s nobles switched sides, abandoning the father and joining the son. Working together, they toppled the innovative father and set about changing the rules and regulations of the country. 

The plan of Routinization had taken effect.

The land quickly fell into apathy and indifference. The laws passed by the father that had greatly made work and life enjoyable were no more. In their place, layers upon layers of regulations and red tape stacked up. Every possible action in life, from going on a morning jog to determining where to go to eat, required no fewer than six pages of documents. More complex and life-changing decisions demanded thousands of pages. 

The plan of Routinization had taken effect. The citizens of the land of Custom had no choice but to go about their lives as robots whose sole purpose was to ensure that all the i’s were dotted and all the t’s were crossed.

To make himself seen as more knowledgeable, Routinovsky even changed his title, going from Lord Routinovsky to Dr. Routinovsky.

The oracles feared that the ambitious Dr. Routinovsky would set his sights on the land of Wit. Days before they were due to meet to discuss their course of action, Dr. Routinovsky announced his plan – “Total Routination”. 

A Hero Appears

Just when all seemed lost, a beacon of hope began to shine through the darkness of routine. A band of heroes merged to unite and form a top-tier adventurer party they called AXDRAFT. Their capable leader? A wizard named Drafty.

Trained in the art of elemental magic, Drafty was a rare mage. Not only was he skilled at long-range spells, but he possessed the ability to hold his own at close range, a remarkable trait for most magicians. An S-class spellcaster, he was highly regarded across the land for his own original spells. The most powerful? Wind Walk. On all he cast Wind Walk on, their speed would be enhanced 80%.

And that’s not his only original spell. He also wielded Time Crunch, which cut time down 40%, and Absolute Finalization, which proved useful for quickly and efficiently completing routine quests.

With Drafty in command, and on their own merit, the party of AXDRAFT climbed the ranks of adventurers and heroes, sharpening their skills and honing their talents by tackling monsters such as bottlenecks, errors, and redundancies. They alone possessed the strength to stand against the overwhelming mindless automatons of Routinovsky.

These intrepid heroes set out in search of a weapon that could easily turn the tide of battle. But even though they failed to find one of the mythical weapons of the old lore, they discovered an unknown ore containing mystical properties. In fact, the ore was even harder than forged steel. 

Within two weeks, and with the assistance of the land’s most talented blacksmith, the mysterious ore was transformed into a new legendary sword – QuickDocs. Not only could it put an end to the many monsters they faced on a daily basis, but it had the power to speed up fellow party members, enabling them to land twice the attacks and deal triple the damage.

Armed with their new comrade, the courageous party of AXDRAFT strode forth, ready to do battle.

What will come next?

The stage was set for the showdown between the two powers. Who would emerge triumphant? The robotic forces of Dr. Routinovsky? Or the flexible, balanced party of AXDRAFT.

True to his nature, Routinovsky closed off access to his secret plans for all but those who have “top secret, need to know security clearance”.

AXDRAFT, however, maintains a policy of full transparency. Next time you’re in the land of Wit, pay a visit to AXDRAFT where you can take a look around and check out their demo.

Follow Drafty’s adventures and find out about the challenges he has already tackled in his previous endeavors:

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