Draft the World #8: The Lord of Draftylvania

What makes a story spooky? Сalm setting, a couple of good characters, an unavoidable situation…and the monsters that follow.

This Spooktober, we have prepared a true horror plot that everyone, even the most notorious beasts can relate to.

A story told on behalf of the Lord of Draftylvania in our new Draft the World comic!

Draft the World 8 by AXDRAFT - The Lord of Draftylvania

Nightmare on business street

Every company, no matter big or small, wants to grow. Their goals are to retain clients, increase revenue, and deliver awesome products with as little friction as possible.

And it would have been really easy, if not for the scariest white sheets you’ll ever find’?contracts.

Legal contracts are guardians of the business world and govern up to 80% of all operations. But that doesn’t mean they are easy to make a deal with, for a couple of reasons:

  • There’s literally a multitude of them, and each governs their own nightmare
  • They consists of clauses, and you have to know which traps are set in each
  • Contracts make you pay dearly if you make a mistake
  • But you won’t make it out alive if you don’t sign a deal using one of them
  • Every time you sign a contract, you have to check for your compliance with the rules under which you want to do business
  • There’s always a third party involved in signing a contract, even when there’s only two of you
  • Contract drafting and negotiations can last longer than mummies sleep in their graves
  • There’s a special cast of zombies called lawyers. Only they know how to deal with every type of contracts, but they’ll suck you dry when you ask for help.

For some zombies, having to deal with contracts manually is so exhausting, that they fall sick with impostor syndrome and don’t feel like they are capable of doing their job.

Is there a hero to save us all?

Magick of the Artificial intelligence

For generations, masons of all industries worked on golems’?creatures made out of lifeless substances and brought to life with magick. These golems help us run our daily errands without having to face our nightmares.

A specific type of golem – document automation software – is a mutual creation of lawyers and software developers. One such creation, AXDRAFT, helps businesses and lawyers deal with contracts faster, make less mistakes, and spend close to zero energy doing that. 

Here’s how they do it:

Contract-digesting brain

First things first, AXDRAFT contract lifecycle management software is equipped with a powerful machine learning engine that learns to deal with contract management tasks with every template it drafts. The more you feed it, the smarter it  gets.

Ghostlike speed

AI in legal drafts contracts up to 86% faster than even the mightiest of lawyers. In addition to that, AXDRAFT automated processes such as approval workflow, collaboration and negotiations let your business close the deal 40% faster.

Best of librarians

Vast dungeons adapted for secure cloud storage let you safely store and easily access your contracts from any location in the world. In addition to that, AXDRAFT uses metadata to make sure you won’t ever lose contract, client, or an important clause in your extensive legal library.

Vampire’s automated diaries

Our Lord of Draftylvania isn’t the only vampire that uses AXDRAFT to take care of their daily needs. Unfortunately, strict NDA requirements don’t let us disclose the full list of our spooky clientele. But some of the most famous ones agreed to shed some light on their dealings.

Lestat de Lioncourt

Streets of France aren’t as safe for a noble vampire as they were in the 18th century. The noble vampire prince from Anne Rice’s ‘?Interview with a Vampire’ can’t afford to walk into a fashion store and get a new look. That’s why he established a network of procurement officers to handle the dealins in the city for him. 

Of course, each officer is bound to Lestat by a contract that the vampire easily drafts in AXDRAFT.


David S. Goyer’s ‘?human with vampire’s abilities’ knows what it’s like to be an outcast in today’s world. Not a vampire, and not really a human, Blade has an urge to drink blood, yet doesn’t like killing people.

That’s why he set up a pharma company and hired AXDRAFt to help him quickly onboard blood donors to ensure a regular supply of fresh nutrients. 

Edward Cullen

Edward came to AXDRAFT quite exhausted, because his quarrels with the family regarding relationships with humans lasted for thousands of years. Every girlfriend he wanted to date died of old age before he could get approval.

Now, his negotiations are 50% faster, and he can even set up conditional approval workflows to not distract someone more than it is required to get a new date approved.

Bill Compton

In HBO’s ‘?True blood’ series, Bill struggled with managing a group of chaotic, unrelenting vampires. His inability to control them almost resulted in a catastrophe. Until he came to AXDRAFT.

Today, each adept of Bill Compton’s gang signs an NDA that has a special extra clause’?no action can compromise the disclosure of the group. In just 57 seconds, time needed to draft a non-disclosure agreement, Bill regains full control of every bloodsucker in his gang.

A spooky story with a happy ending

With the right tools even the scariest monsters can be tamed. Moreso, the only victims of our story are routine, stress, and costly legal spend. After all, even the zombies deserve some rest and activity that is not related to eating brains.

At AXDRAFT, we know a good horror story because we fight monsters like manual contract drafting on a daily basis, and help our clients come out on top of more than 13000 of contracts every month.

So, if your sleep is not as sound, the scary white sheets make you shiver, we can help make your nightmares go away. Visit AXDRAFT guild and take a look around, or go straight to spellcasting and check out our instant demo

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